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Seinfeld writer Tom Leopold joins us this week to discuss his career in comedy, working with show biz legends (despite being a legend himself), and the origins of "The Cafe", "The Suicide", "The Boyfriend", and "The Cheever Letters".

You can find Tom on Facebook and Twitter. But if social media's not your bag, he has an official site, too:

Tom offers Private Comedy Workshops through Comedy Wire, which you can learn more about here.

Want to check out more of Tom's work? He has a wonderful album called "Just the Hits" that you can purchase on iTunes or Amazon. If you're in more of a reading mood, pick up a copy of his book "Milt and Marty: The Longest Lasting and Least Successful Comedy Writing Duo in Showbiz History" on Amazon.  

Listen to Tom on The Catholic Channel and on the upcoming show "Laughing in Church" (premiering on Sirius in October 2015).

And huge thanks to Seincast listener, Eli Lebowicz, for putting us in touch!

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