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"Why does this dummy have a bucket on its head?"

Vinnie & Matt discuss "The Junk Mail", the fifth episode of season nine, as well as...the Costanza family tree, Three Days of the Condor, and the nocturnal dirt people.

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Vinnie's Top 24

  1. The Opposite
  2. The Contest
  3. The Outing
  4. The Junior Mint
  5. The Implant
  6. The Opera
  7. The Bizarro Jerry
  8. The Cheever Letters
  9. The Marine Biologist
  10. The Hamptons
  11. The Bubble Boy
  12. The Label Maker
  13. The Hot Tub
  14. The Couch
  15. The Movie
  16. The Airport
  17. The Lip Reader
  18. The Jimmy
  19. The Fusilli Jerry
  20. The Rye
  21. The Yada Yada
  22. The Doll
  23. The Muffin Tops
  24. The Serenity Now

Matt's Top 24

  1. The Boyfriend
  2. The Pilot
  3. The Hamptons
  4. The Bizarro Jerry
  5. The Cheever Letters
  6. The Outing 
  7. The Library
  8. The Pen
  9. The Contest
  10. The Label Maker
  11. The Marine Biologist
  12. The Chicken Roaster
  13. The Implant
  14. The Doorman
  15. The Muffin Tops
  16. The Hot Tub
  17. The Little Jerry
  18. The Fusilli Jerry
  19. The Yada Yada
  20. The Sponge
  21. The Alternate Side
  22. The Doll
  23. The Seven
  24. The Kiss Hello
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